Journal articles

Conference Proceedings


  • Danis, Nick. 2017. Complex place and place identity. PhD Dissertation, Rutgers University. Chair: Akin Akinlabi. [doi, lingbuzz, ROA-1324]
  • Danis, Nick. 2014. Deriving Interactions of Complex Stops. Ms., Rutgers University. Second Qualifying Paper. Committee: Alan Prince (Chair), Bruce Tesar, Akin Akinlabi. [ROA-1220, ROA-1221 (OTWorkplace Supplement)]
  • Danis, Nick. 2011. The Phonological Word in Medumba. Ms., Boston University. Master’s project.

Edited Volumes




  • Danis, Nick. 2022. Natural class-preserving transductions among phonological representations. Workshop on Model-Theoretic Representations in Phonology. Stony Brook University, September 22-24, 2022. [supplemental material]
  • Danis, Nick and Adam Jardine. 2019. Q-Theory Representations are logically equivalent to Autosegmental Representations. SCiL, co-meeting with the LSA 2019.
  • Danis, Nick. 2016. Major place harmony and the (reduced) role of representation: Evidence from Ngbaka. AMP 2016. USC. October 21-23, 2016.
  • Danis, Nick. 2016. Cross-category vowel-consonant interactions in Aghem and Vietnamese. Presented at the University of Chicago Phonology Group, May 13, 2016.
  • Danis, Nick. 2015. Markedness and Complex Segments: Evidence from Simplification Processes. 8th World Congress of African Linguistics. Presented Talk. Kyoto University. August 21, 2015.
  • Danis, Nick. 2015. A Typology of Complex Segments: Multiple Place Interactions on a Scale. Workshop on Formal Typologies. Rutgers University, May 30, 2015.
  • Danis, Nick. 2015. Complex Segments Made Simple: Markedness and Doubly-Articulated Stops. 46th Annual Conference on African Linguistics. Presented Talk. University of Oregon. March 27, 2015.
  • Danis, Nick, Jonathan Barnes, and Catherine O’Connor. 2011. Downstep and Contour Formation in Medumba: A Grassfields Bantu Language. 42th Annual Conference on African Linguistics. Presented Talk. University of Maryland.


Student Work

  • Calhoun, Adrianna. 2021. Invisible Issues: Exploring the Unspoken Rift Between the Black Community and the Field of Speech-Language Pathology. Senior honor’s thesis, Washington University in St. Louis. (reader)
  • Goldberg, Jack. 2021. Phonological treatment of affricates in Yiddish and segmental analysis. Poster presented at CULC 15. (directed study)
  • Zhang, Yutong. 2021. A phonological analysis of the word-borrowing process in Volapük. Senior honor’s thesis, Washington University in St. Louis. (primary advisor)
  • Goldberg, Jack. 2020. Phonological treatment of affricates in Yiddish. Poster presented at Midphon 25. (directed study)